Estate Planning


Estate planning is the process of forming a plan to protect your family if you become sick or pass away. An estate plan protects your family’s financial future and fulfills your wishes for medical care, memorial services, and solidifies a positive legacy. Even if you’ve discussed plans with family members ahead of time, only proper legal documentation can prevent the loss of wealth, improper medical care, and conflict among family members.

Anzen Legal Group understands the sensitive nature of estate planning and offers guidance to clients through our office in Fort Collins, Colorado. We offer in-person consultation and planning sessions. We also provide estate planning by video conference and digital document exchange through our secure document portal. Our attorneys work with individuals and families to develop wills, trusts, and plans that cover financial matters as well as end-of-life care. Proud Member of the ARAG Attorney Network.

Wills and Legacy Planning

We draft Last Will and Testament documents, living wills, and documents that control gifts of your property if you pass away. Our attorneys also handle charitable giving, conditional giving, distributing or delaying inheritances, and other legacy planning operations.

We also administer the distribution of tangible assets, real estate, intellectual property, digital or intangible assets, and other valuable property. Our goal is to put you in comfortable control of the gifts and transfers made if you pass away.



Our firm can help you plan and administer the smooth transfer of assets to family or charities. We create a variety of trusts, each one tailored to fit your family’s needs. They include:

  • Revocable Trusts
  • Irrevocable Trusts
  • Real Estate Trusts
  • Firearms Trusts
  • Conservation Easement Trusts
  • DSTs

We can establish a legal foundation or trusts that operate after your death. Our team can arrange long-term charitable giving, accommodate the needs of minor children, or supervise the inheritance to specific heirs. We ensure that you control how your wealth passes to the next generation, even after you pass away.


Powers of Attorney

You might need to empower an agent to act for you in medical care, running your business, or caring for your family when you are unable. We draft power of attorney documents to authorize someone else to represent you or act on your behalf.


End-of-Life Planning

Putting an end-of-life plan in place for you or a loved one creates peace of mind, avoids conflict, and prevents confusion when carrying out your wishes. Our end-of-life planning services assure your desires are known and met. We assist clients with:

  • Living Wills
  • HIPAA authorizations
  • Directions for last remains
  • Directions for memorial services
  • Tissue and organ donations
  • Legacy planning to be sure your family understands your decisions

Family Estate Planning Packages

Your decisions about your assets today can significantly affect your family’s future. Protect your family’s legacy with our comprehensive family estate planning packages. By addressing the whole family’s needs in one set of documents, you ensure the different parts of your plan work together.


High Net Worth Estate Planning

Estate planning can be extra challenging for individuals with a lot to protect. Our firm understands the complexities and challenges of planning your estate when you have a high net worth or a large family business.


Probate Proceedings

Administering a deceased loved one’s estate can be overwhelming, especially when still grieving. The stress and loss can lead to disagreements within a family. Our attorneys know how to navigate stressful and emotional conversations to give you the advice you need. Let us advise you during the probate process to take the load off your shoulders.

We can also serve as personal representatives, guardians of incapacitated people, and conservators of estates.


Tax Planning

We guide our clients through tax optimization of their individual or business accounts. We can offer taxation counsel for corporate restructuring, real estate acquisitions, and tax-deferred exchanges.

Our tax planning services help you find ways to maximize your savings now and protect your assets into the future.


Business Succession Planning

Our business succession planning services allow you to plan and successfully execute a business transfer to a family member or trusted colleague. Succession planning is more nuanced than selling your business. It is an intentional, planned transfer that can occur in an emergency, when your family members are ready to step up, or when you want to retire in stages.

Our business estate planning services include emergency powers, inheritance or transfer of the business, powers of attorney services, and succession documentation. Every succession plan is unique, so call us for a consultation.


Trust Administration

You work hard for each sale in your business. Don’t let legal loopholes and technicalities set you back. We help clients form contracts and agreements with other business entities. Our attorneys handle situations big and small, such as sales agreements, equipment leases, vendor relationships, or accepting investors.

Consult our legal team before committing your business to a new contract. By drawing on our experience, you can ensure your next deal is beneficial and enforceable.


Trust Your Legal Needs to Our Experienced Attorneys

The Lawyers at Anzen Legal Group are eager to assist you with transactions, contracts, and business negotiations. We are here to help you grow! We pride ourselves in helping business owners in Fort Collins and across the state.

Contact us today at (970) 893-8857 for a free business check-up or consultation.

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