About us


Anzen Legal Group is a Colorado-based law firm offering estate planning, succession planning, and business formation legal services. From our home office in Fort Collins, we serve individuals, families, and businesses across Colorado and Wyoming.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to protect your family and protect your business by providing comprehensive legal services. Estate planning, business formation, and business law can be stressful. We are here to help you plan for the future and manage the unexpected. Our skilled legal team takes the frustration and confusion out of protecting your family and your business from various legal pitfalls.

Our Experience

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Our team draws on years of legal experience to solve each legal challenge. Every family and business is unique, so we avoid cookie-cutter solutions that don’t support your specific goals.

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Our team brings life experience and diverse backgrounds to each conversation. The attorneys at Anzen Legal Group come from many business backgrounds; engineering, advertising, publishing, aviation, real estate, project management, and the travel industry.

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Our past experiences provide unique insights and out-of-the-box solutions to your estate planning and business strategy problems. Start a conversation today to protect your family, legacy, and business.

Legal Services

Wills and Trusts

At Anzen Legal Group, we provide legal services for families and business owners in all stages of life.

We offer estate planning services for individuals and families, including wills, revocable and irrevocable trusts, legacy planning, probate matters, and planning for financial or medical emergencies.

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The loss of a loved one is a heartbreaking experience. It can also be incredibly stressful if you do not understand the probate process. Our attorneys will help guide you through probate so that you can be assured everything is being handled accordingly while you mourn properly. While we cannot do anything about the loss of your loved one, we can certainly take the stress of handling their estate off your shoulders.

Business Formation and Partnerships

Our business services include start-up strategies for creating or purchasing a business, forming a partnership, or entering a new market. We create operating agreements, partnership agreements, and employment manuals so you can focus on running your business. Our team can also conclude a business or sell a business to close the estate of a loved one that passed away.

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Estate and Succession Planning

When estate planning and business planning are brought into one conversation, business succession planning is the result. Just as families need a plan to handle an unexpected loss of a loved one, businesses need a plan to address the unexpected loss of an owner.

Powers of Attorney

Business succession planning is the best way to preserve your family’s business wealth and position the next generation of business leaders. Our succession planning includes emergency powers for managers, inheritance or transfer of a company, power of attorney services, preservation of income to your family, and hassle-free documentation.

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Gun Trusts

Gun ownership is a cornerstone of American constitutional rights, but it can open gun owners to civil and criminal liability if handled incorrectly. Managing your firearms and accessories with a gun trust can protect you and your loved ones from liability and make sure your firearms are managed and distributed according to your wishes.

Our attorneys can assist you with creating a gun trust that can manage your firearms in compliance with both state and federal law. Both possession and transfer of firearms are key concerns every gun owner should consider – our comprehensive planning ensures you have the education and resources you need to plan with your firearms in mind.

Representation You Can Count On

For estate planning, business formation, or assistance with your business strategy, work with Anzen Legal Group. Our team is eager to support local businesses and their families across the Centennial State.

We also represent clients in contract disputes, family law matters involving divorce, child custody, and more. Our experienced Colorado lawyers listen attentively and provide trusted counsel for any legal situation you may encounter.

Call us at (970) 893-8857 to speak with one of our attorneys and start the process of protecting your rights, assets, and future.