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Every business decision you make has ramifications for the future. There are essential factors to consider, from determining your company’s name to deciding how to handle a partner’s exit.

At Anzen Legal Group, we understand the importance of business planning and strategy. Careful planning is a key ingredient to success. We provide a broad range of legal services to businesses of all sizes. Are you just starting a business? Let us be a part of your strong start.

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Business Formation

Let’s talk about your marketplace, business plans, and goals for growth. Our attorneys can recommend the best form of business ownership for you.

We’ll help you structure your business and put the necessary procedures in place. A strong start is essential to your success, so we help you establish the documents, forms, and internal policies that set you on the right path. We’ll also draft essential documentation to ensure that your business is registered, bankable, and insurable.


Business Liability Shielding

Protect your family assets by keeping your business legally separate from your home and savings. Don’t let your business structure leave you open to lawsuits and debt. We help you find the proper business structure to protect you from costly settlements and lawsuits.

We can insulate your business and personal assets from claims made by employees, suppliers, lenders, and government agencies. Best of all, we help your business stay compliant and avoid litigation in the first place.


Trademarks and Copyright

You worked hard to create your brand and wow your customers. Protect that reputation through trademark and copyright protection. Trademarks and copyrights are crucial for a company’s market position, brand identity, and good reputation. Our attorneys can intervene if your brands, packaging, or works of authorship are used by a competitor or misused by the media.


Buy/Sell Agreements

A buy/sell agreement is a crucial contract for any multi-partner business. This agreement protects the integrity of your company and your assets in case one or more of the partners wishes to, or must, leave the company.

Don’t leave your business leadership to chance. Call us to discuss a buy/sell agreement or discuss business succession planning.


Transaction Consultation

You work hard for each sale in your business. Don’t let legal loopholes and technicalities set you back. We help clients form contracts and agreements with other business entities. Our attorneys handle situations big and small, such as sales agreements, equipment leases, vendor relationships, or accepting investors.

Consult our legal team before committing your business to a new contract. By drawing on our experience, you can ensure your next deal is beneficial and enforceable.


Business Dispute Mediation

Business litigation is costly and time-consuming. It can also damage business relationships and reputations, affecting your company long-term. Rather than taking your dispute to court, our experienced attorneys can help you reach a faster solution through mediation.

Don’t wait for a dispute to grow. Mediation is effective before a conflict begins, such as planning a business partner’s exit, defining expectations under a contract, or avoiding conflict with an employee. Put our training to work as the neutral facilitator in any conversation.


Trust Your Legal Needs to Our Experienced Attorneys

The Lawyers at Anzen Legal Group are eager to assist you with transactions, contracts, and business negotiations. We are here to help you grow! We pride ourselves in helping business owners in Fort Collins and across the state.

Contact us today at (970) 893-8857 for a free business check-up or consultation.

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